Amsterdam based
Product Designer

currently working 
@ Booking.com

As a Product Designer, I’m passionate about creating beautiful and usable experiences that reflect both customer and business needs. 

The way I think of product design is about focusing on the content so we can keep the UI out of the way and focus on telling users what they need to know.

The way I work today is taking enough ownership as a product designer. This includes thinking about new features that align business expectations with UI improvements, elaborate and run usability tests (recruit, write scripts, analyse results ), data-tracking and make sure to deliver the most outstanding visual design. Having this holistic view of the process is essential for the development of the product.

I like to always have in mind design & functionality, so we can provide the most usable and enjoyable service of entertainment for users out there.

My process of work starts with low-fidelity wireframes, interactive screen flows and journeys, interactive prototypes, so people can experience the interface as if it is, and then quickly move to the visuals. As part of the UX process, I take measure of the impact of our new releases by conducting usability tests and keeping an eye on data tracking; I’m a big advocate of UX research and UX tests to collect user’s input as soon as possible, preferably before the product is deployed.

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Privileged for being able to work as UX/UI Designer for agencies like Razorfish, DigitasLBi, R/GA, W/McCann

Shots of some of my current works, on Dribbble

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